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Corporate Meetings

Message delivery is essential when a company holds a meeting whether internal or external. From just a simple power point presentation to a large venue where the speaker needs to be projected on the screens so everyone can see him we can provide it all. 

Pin Spotting

Something very much overlooked in weddings is pin spotting. Most of the time the bride will light the cake but the center pieces are forgotten. A Lot of time and energy not to mention money is spent on centerpieces and under low lighting they tend to loose their brilliance. With the receptions under low lighting conditions, spot lighting the centerpieces give the room an extra pop. 


Draping seems so simple yet elegant. However we are noticing brides using it in all aspects from enhancing a beautiful room or transforming a simple gymnasium into the dream venue. Draping gives a big impact and sometimes very shocking results. The wedding below was actually in a gymnasium and the bride chose this venue to make it her dream. 

Award Presentations

 Award Presentations At the end of a successful campaign every one that has participated wants to see their acknowledgements for a job well done on stage. Whether it is an intimate event or a grand overture we can meet your needs. 

Product Launches

Product launches are exciting times for companies. Usually this is a way to generate excitement and reenergize the employees with something new. But delivery of the message is key as well as establishing the wow factor of the event. This requires something new an imaginative to grab every ones attention. 

LED Uplighting

Uplighting has become an inexpensive way to hence the wedding and give the room that extra pop. Using LED Par Lights we are able to use the LED technology to maximize energy. These lights also enable us to color balance the room to change the colors if necessary based on wall colors. Whether you are uplighting outdoors, draping or just bare walls, these enhancements can add life to the room. 

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